Facilitation Team

Meet the GSS Facilitation Team, which comes from different parts of the world, and is implementing the project with YOUNGO!


Yugratna Srivastava

A 21 year old from India – serving as Vice Chair and Program coordinator of Plant-for-the-Planet, and has worked in UNEP and UNFCCC Policy and youth advocacy for last 6+ years.


Timothy J. Damon

Tim is the Founder and President of the Global Youth Development Institute (GYDI), has 6+ years UNFCCC experience, and served as the elected Focal Point of YOUNGO in 2016


Julius Schlumberger

Julius is part of Youth Alliance for Future Energies and co-organizing this year’s Conference of Youth, an preparatory Event of YOUNGO for COP23.

Sagar Aryal

Sagar Aryal

Sagar is Founder & President of of Sano Sansar Initiative, Co-founder of Climate Students Network and has a decade long experience on Climate Advocacy.

Andreas Sieber

Andreas Sieber

Andreas is a media researcher, data-lover and passionate climber. He manages partnerships and campaigns for Climate Tracker.

Implemented by

Following YOUNGO member organisations are coordinating and implementing the GSS 2017, in cooperation with the YOUNGO Bottomlining Team (BLT)