Thank you for your interest in providing training for the Global South Scholarships (GSS) 2017! The details you provide here will guide us in the possibility of adding your contributions to our program.

The training program will play a key role in building the capacity of the selected delegates for the GSS 2017 to be able to engage with COP23 in an effective and meaningful way. Group training sessions covering a variety of knowledge and skills will be organized prior to COP23 in order to prepare the delegates for an effective participation in Bonn.

Some sessions will be conducted virtually through an online platform, while others will be organized in-person in Bonn. We also envision to open certain online sessions to broader youth audience to prepare them for COP23. Online trainers should expect to join one virtual session of 2-3 hours, but and to present only for a portion of this time (approx 45 minutes for each trainer).

In-person trainers will be scheduled in advance according to the time of the workshops and the portions for which they would be required at them.

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