What is YOUNGO?

Info on the Youth Constituency of UNFCCC

Youth Actions in COP 22

Civil Society is represented within UNFCCC processes by 9 “constituencies” such as youth, women and gender, indigenous, business and others. YOUNGO is the official youth constituency to UNFCCC – and serves as the formal collective voice of youth for all UNFCCC processes. Youth were given the constituency status within UNFCCC in 2009.

After two years operating under a provisional status, “YOUNGO” became fully recognized at COP17 in Durban, South Africa. YOUNGO has since served as both the official conduit for youth participation in the UN climate talks and as a global network of youth and youth-focused organizations who work on climate change and engage with the UNFCCC.  

 There are several ways YOUNGO engages in the UNFCCC process, which include – constituency submissions on various topics as and when called for by the UNFCCC Secretariat, sending representatives to various UNFCCC meetings throughout the year, engaging directly at COP and inter-sessionals.

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