Facilitation Team

Meet the GSS Facilitation Team, which comes from different parts of the world, and is implementing the project with YOUNGO!


Yugratna Srivastava

A 21 year old from India – serving as Vice Chair and Program coordinator of Plant-for-the-Planet, and has worked in UNEP and UNFCCC Policy and youth advocacy for last 6+ years.


Timothy J. Damon

Tim is the Founder and President of the Global Youth Development Institute (GYDI), has 6+ years UNFCCC experience, and served as the elected Focal Point of YOUNGO in 2016


Julius Schlumberger

Julius is part of Youth Alliance for Future Energies and co-organizing this year’s Conference of Youth, an preparatory Event of YOUNGO for COP23.

Sagar Aryal

Sagar Aryal

Sagar is Founder & President of of Sano Sansar Initiative, Co-founder of Climate Students Network and has a decade long experience on Climate Advocacy.


Implemented by

Following YOUNGO member organisations are coordinating and implementing the GSS 2017, in cooperation with the YOUNGO Bottomlining Team (BLT)